India – the Epicenter of Innovation

The convergence of factors such as the emergence of disruptive digital technologies, a vibrant start-up ecosystem, a maturing leadership base and a skilled digital talent pool has made it possible for the Indian technology ecosystem to become a beacon of innovation and growth. In the last five years mobility, cloud, sharing economy, electric vehicles have all become mainstream. Businesses are also betting big on AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR by investing heavily in these areas.

India’s role as an innovation hub is undeniable. Latent X factors such as an adaptive and diverse culture, easy access to Asian markets, a data-rich economy, a highly collaborative ecosystem, the India Stack, nano markets etc., are all fueling its growth narrative. To spearhead this next wave of growth in the technology ecosystem, India GCoEs need intrapreneurial leaders who are not just visionaries and pioneers, but are global influencers and possess the ability to identify new areas of value.

Zinnov Awards is the recognition of these innovators, connectors, and mavens who have made significant contributions in driving India towards becoming the epicenter of global innovation.





This category is a company-wide award for the R&D & IT Organizations, that will recognize those companies who have rapidly evolved from being a pure play cost center to a value center. This category of award will be assessed on the nature and type of transformation, the drivers, the key milestones, and metrics achieved and the key outcomes – technology, business, topline, bottom-line generated. The award will assess initiatives that have been incepted and shown results in the last 3 years (2017-2018 onwards).



This category is a company-wide award to recognize GCoEs that are focused on value creation from the India center and have made concerted efforts across five key areas: Organization Charter, Culture, Internal Programs & Processes, External Linkages and Innovation Metrics. The assessment criteria will focus on how conducive the environment is for innovation and will also measure the pervasiveness.



This is an organization-wide award that will assess the BCP readiness of GCoEs in dealing with various disruptors and the specific role played by them in mitigating the impact of COVID-19. Assessment criteria include structure of assessment frameworks, efficacy of existing protocols, impact assessment for India as well as impact on the global organization and mitigation of challenges.



This category is a company-wide award to recognize organizations that have established programs and are the gold standards for Inclusion and Diversity in India. The assessment criteria focuses on 4 major drivers of Inclusion, namely, People, People Processes, Operational Enablement and Ecosystem Engagements. This assessment criteria will gauge the inclusive culture and approach promoted within the organization and the measures taken to address the larger socio-economic challenges of I&D.



This is an organization-wide award to recognize those GCoEs that are focused on creating a culture to develop and nurture Intrapreneurial Leaders from the India center and have made concerted efforts to drive a strong leadership philosophy with allied programs to identify and develop leaders to deliver key business outcomes.



An organization-wide award that recognizes GCoEs that have an impeccable site operations team that forms the backbone of any company. The assessment is based on understanding the five key Site Operations functions: Infrastructure, Corporate Services, Legal, Procurement & Sustainability and will also focus on the cohesive functioning of these to support the larger organization charter.



This category is an individual contributor award for felicitating women leaders in India global centers who have created large scale impact through their business, leadership and/or technology expertise. These women leaders have excelled at mentoring upcoming talent and serve as an inspiration for the industry for excellence in work. The category evaluates excellence shown across the dimensions of individual, organizational and ecosystem development.



This category is an individual contributor award that recognizes those individuals who are technology stalwarts and have served by example and inspired individuals both within their organization and beyond to follow a technical career path. This year, we will also recognize individuals who have created a significant impact in the technologies of Artificial Intelligence/Big Data Analytics and Intelligent Automation.


Ram Narayanan

Vmware Software India Private Limited

Laxmikanth Venkatraman

Broadridge Financial Solutions (India) Private Limited

Rakesh Singh

Citrix India R&D Private Limited

Sindhu Gangadharan

SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.

Venkata Subrahmanyam Krishnapur

McAfee Software (India) Private Limited

Anand Ramamoorthy

Micron Technology Operations India LLP

Sanjeev Tyagi

Ericsson India Global Services private Limited

Santhosh Kumar

Texas Instruments (India) Private Limited

Ravi Chhabria

NetApp India Private Limited

Alexander Klotz

Continental Automotive Components (India) Private Limited

Anju Agast Srivats

Hewlett-Packard (India) Software Ops Private Limited

Satvik Sharma

FIS Solutions India Private Limited

Vinita Gera

Dell Technologies

Chandradip Dass

NextGen Healthcare India Private Limited

Samir Gulve

EFI India Private Limited

Ruchi Bhalla

Pitney Bowes India R&D Centre

Anand G Joshi

Whirlpool of India Limited (GTEC)

Prakash Bodla

United Technologies Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Sunil Shah

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Private Limited

Prasad Mandava

Akamai Technologies India Private Limited

Rohit Gupta

Thyssenkrupp India Private Limited

Vivek Singh

Eaton Technologies Private Limited

Ramprasad Subramaniam

Qualcomm India Private Limited

Rajesh Nambiar

Ciena Communications India Private Limited

Satish Sundaresan

Elektrobit India Private Limited

Gaurav Luthra

GlobalFoundries Engineering Private Limited

David Cotter

Eli Lilly Services India Private Limited

Subhash Bana

Synchronoss Technologies Inc.

Arti Sharma

Schneider Electric Private Limited

Girish Kamath

Scientific Games India Private Limited

Ram Rangajaran

Stryker Global Technology Centre Private Limited

Tathagat Varma

Walmart Global Technology Services India Private Limited

Shashank Bhushan

BMC Software Inida Private Limited

Manish Misra

Panasonic India Private Limited

Moti Thadani

SAS Research and Devlopment (India) Private Limited

Shalini Nair Kumar

Amadeus Software Labs India Private Limited

Neeraj Gulati

Monotype Solutions India Private Limited

Mahesh Natarajan

Thermo Fisher Scientific India Private Limited

Dominic Gerald David


Naveen Shukla

Exxon Mobil Services & Technology Private Limited

Mehjabeen Poonawala

Finastra Software Solutions (India)

Nagaraj Bhat

Baxter Innovation and Business Solutions Private Limited

Mohandoss Thulasidoss


Vikas Dabeer

Applied Materials India Private Limited

Shirish Andhare

Uber Technologies Inc