Award Categories 2021

  • Award category open for GCoEs
  • Award category open for Indian MNCs & Start-ups




This category is a company-wide award that will recognize those companies that have rapidly evolved from being a pure-play cost center to a value creation center. This category will assess Global Centers of Excellence (GCoE) organizations on the nature and type of transformation, the drivers, the key milestones, and metrics achieved and the key outcomes – across ER&D, IT, BSFI, and GBS teams.



This category is a company-wide award to recognize companies, that are focused on value creation from India and have made concerted efforts across five key areas: Organization Charter, Culture, Internal Programs & Processes, External Linkages, and Innovation Metrics. The assessment criteria will focus on how conducive the environment is for innovation and will also measure the pervasiveness of the innovative mindset and culture.



This category is a company-wide award for organizations that have gone above and beyond to deliver on the mandates of Environmental, Social, and Governance sustainability. There will be a separate focus on organizations who have shown a significant effort and impact in responding to the Covid crisis. The assessment criteria will include implementation of initiatives, measurement of metrics and KPIs and team structure and processes to deliver on sustainability agendas for the organization.



This category is a company-wide award to recognize organizations, that have established programs and are the gold standards for Inclusion and Diversity in India. The assessment criteria focuses on 4 major drivers of Inclusion, namely, People, People Processes, Operational Enablement, and Ecosystem Engagements. This assessment criteria will gauge the inclusive culture and approach promoted within the organization and the measures taken to address the larger socio-economic challenges of I&D.



This category is a company-wide award for organizations, that have successfully managed to keep their remote workforce engaged, productive, and connected during the pandemic. The assessment criteria will gauge the efficacy of the strategies implemented and the programs in place that measure the effectiveness of talent management and performance of employees and processes, as well as compensation and incentive programs.



This category is a company-wide award category that recognizes organization, that have created large-scale impact by conceptualizing, designing, developing, and manufacturing products from India. The assessment criteria will focus on the drivers, key metrics and milestones achieved, and the key outcomes derived through such technology innovations for both Software as well as for Hardware products.




This category is an individual contributor award for felicitating women leaders in India, who have created large-scale impact through their business, leadership and/or technology expertise. These women leaders have excelled at mentoring upcoming talent and serve as an inspiration for the industry for excellence in work. The category evaluates excellence shown across the dimensions of individual, organizational, and ecosystem development.



This category is an individual contributor award that recognizes those individuals who are technology stalwarts and have served by example and inspired individuals both within their organization and beyond to follow a technical career path. This year, we will also recognize individuals who have created a significant impact in the technologies of Artificial Intelligence/Big Data Analytics and Intelligent Automation.


The entire Awards process starting from submission of Nomination forms, Jury deliberation till the final Awards Ceremony will be virtual.

GCoEs (Global Centre of Excellence), Indian organisations, and Start-ups

Zinnov awards is not associated with any fee, it is an industry event, and you can participate free of cost.

CoE (Global Centre of Excellence) - An organisation that is not headquartered in India, it has a headquarter location outside of India but has an offshore presence in the form of Technology centre/GBS (Global Business Services) centre based out of India.

GCoE, also called Global Centre of Excellence, are global organisation which have their IT, R&D and GBS shared services centres in India. Non-GCoEs are Indian organisation and Start-ups.

Great Place to Innovate, Inclusion & Diversity, and Excellence in Remote Talent Engagement.

You can download the Handbook and Nomination forms from the Awards website -

9th July is the final date for submission of the completed Nomination forms

E, stands for Engineering - Engineering Research and Developments centres are organisation that are doing some form of software product development from India in terms of hardware, chip design, etc.

GBS Full Form - Global Business Services (Shared Services)

The nominations forms are available on the Awards website, they are either in excel or word format, kindly fill it up in the same format as prescribed by Zinnov, no variation in the format will qualify for final submission. However, you can share supporting documents along with the final nomination forms.

Previous year winners are not eligible to nominate for the same category this year, however if you have nominated but not won for a particular category, you can send in the nominations again this year for those categories

You can send in your completed nomination forms to the email ID -

No, there is no cap on the no. of pages / sheets for data submission, however, just a callout here, a crisp and concise nomination form with enough details is what the Jury favourably looks upon.

There is no specific age or designation to quality, however typically, more years of experience and more accomplished the individual is in terms of achievements, stand a better chance to win.

No, you need to send in your final submissions by 9th July, however, if you send in your forms to us much in advance i.e. before 9th July, the Zinnov awards team will give you necessary feedback in terms of improvising the forms if needed.

Per category only one nomination can be sent from an organization exception being Unlocking Centre value, where you can nominate your organization separately for each individual sub-categories (IT, ER&D, GBS) depending on where you deem fit.

No, however, if you share the forms before 9th July, then we will give you necessary feedback to improvise the form if needed.

Yes, but in case the forms submitted are identical then we would consider it for only one of the categories, i.e. if the form is heavier on the technical side then it would be considered under Technical Role Model, on the other hand if it showcases both Technical as well as the Business side, we will consider under Next Gen Women Leader. However, if you can showcase different achievements in the forms in terms of Technical or Business role then we will consider it as 2 separate submissions for both the categories.

Minimum 1 per sub-category but could be more given the number of nominations we receive.

No, for Unlocking Centre Value, you can submit nomination for up to 3 sub-categories and it will be counted as 1 nomination under one category, you can still go ahead and nominate for 2 additional organization wide categories.

You will find the details in the Handbook itself, wherein we have shared best practices and guidelines in terms of building a stronger nomination form

All four input categories are important, each of these input categories have separate weightage and you will be scoring on each of them.

Yes, there will be winners for each individual sub-category as well.

Yes, you can submit 2 separate nominations, one each for Enterprise IT, R&D and GBS (however, we will consider it as participation in 1 category)

The individual has to be part of a GCoE set up currently, prior experience in GCoE does not qualify for Awards.

Yes, there is a limit to participation for GCoEs specifically - Out of the 6 organization wide categories, you can submit nominations in maximum upto 3 categories. In case of Individual categories, there is no upper limit on the number of submissions.

Every category has a cut off and timeframe defined in the nomination forms wherever applicable. For example, in Unlocking Centre Value Category it is specified that the initiatives need to have been launched in the last 3 years or less, and should continue to be showing impact as of current date.

For Zinnov member companies, NDA is not required as the same has been imbedded in the contract that we have with them ongoing, however for a non-member company, we can definitely go ahead and sign an NDA if needed.

Yes, there is no upper limit for participation in individual categories

No, it has to be one consolidated nomination for the organisation

Previous year nomination forms cannot be shared; however, you can check out our Awards Website for the winner details.

The individual has to be part of a GCoE set up currently, prior experience in GCoE does not qualify for Awards.

Yes, it does qualify for the category, the impact needs to be shown from the India team.

It is not limited to technical roles, they can show impact across Technical, Business and/or any support functions.

Yes, we have both Established and Emerging sub-categories which are decided basis the number of participations.

Yes, the callout of the partnership would be important but also do specify what the India role has been in the partnership.